What are my chances? Regret, removal.. help!

  • unoriginal1989
  • Nanaimo, BC
  • 3 months ago

Hi everyone. :)I very recently got the tattoo pictured in the photograph above and almost instantly started to regret it. It's been less than a week and it's constantly on my mind.This is probably going to sound really dumb but It's a symbol from a video game. Some of you who're familiar with Warcraft may recognize it as the symbol of the Illidari. It's something I've been wanting to get for many, MANY years but now... after seeing it realized on my skin, I'm full of regret.What should I do? I've reached out to several clinics for consultation details and am waiting for their replies. I haven't made the full decision to remove it yet but right now, I just know that the tattoo doesn't make me feel good. I'm worried that people might mistake it for some gang tattoo. :( I see myself as someone who will load up on tattoos over the course of her lifetime but somehow, this piece that I got done recently keeps screaming "wrong place, wrong time" and now.. I don't know really.Anyone able to share any advice? If I were to get it laser'd off, what are my chances for complete removal? Also, is there anyone here from Nanaimo, BC, who've had their tattoos removed and are able to share or recommend a clinic?