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should I get a Mommy Makeover or just a T/T???

  • Mom3lovebugs
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies!   I have 100% decided that I will be getting a full tummy since I have lost over 80 lbs and we are finished having children.  I also will be getting breast augmentation with a possible life sometime as well.     Here is my question.  Do you think I should bite the bullet and do all of the surgeries at once or should I do the T/T first and then worry about my boobs later on??   We have means to cover the cost of everything but it will be borrowed.     Thanks for any advice or suggestions!   Sara

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You can tell me how it goes for and I will be 11 days after!! I am excited and nervous. I want it over with so I know everything will turn out well. Get through the pain ect...
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I can't wait to be healed and back to normal life... it will all be worth it though! I feel really guilty about the money as I have 3 young children but mu husband keeps telling me it's fine..... nothing worse then mommy guilt! :(
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Mom3loveugs. Are you excited? How many cc's are you going with? I was just going to do the breast aug but I have a big sack and he said I would need 800's to fill it out. That would be heavy and huge! So I am going w/ the lift also. I am getting 425 cc's. My surgery date is oct 29th we are having them close together! I am also getting a full tummy tuck and lipo!
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Yes, I am super excited! I have no idea about what size of implants I will be getting. I don't see my doctor until the day before my surgery since I live so far away so we will discuss all of that then. From seeing my photos, my doctor says I can get away with not having a lift but I am leaning towards getting one anyway. I don't want to be a few years down the road and wish that I did it all at the same time. But, I will see what he thinks at the consult / pre-op appointment.
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Okay, so I went ahead and scheduled my surgery for October 18th!! I am SO excited!!

I am getting a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast implants. My surgeon says I can get away with not having a breast lift but I am right on the cusp. I may have to think about that one and possibly just do it as well to get it all done at once.
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thank you, Angie! :)

I have to agree with you but I feel REALLY guilty about spending near $20,000 at once to do it! I'm also nervous about the recovery... I have a 6, 5 and 2 year old so definitely can't be out commission for too long.

I also live in the middle of no where so I have the added expenses of travelling a LONG way to a big city to have the surgery.

Oh boy, why can't anything be simple! lol
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I'd just go for it! That way you only have to go under once and have one recovery. Financially, you won't be charged for the OR and anesthesiologist twice, though the surgery will be somewhat longer. Just my two cents! Excited for you! And congrats on losing the 80 pounds. What an accomplishment!

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