Mommy Makeover - How long will I need help

  • TallinCA
  • Southern California
  • 1 year ago

I am having surgery in 11 days!!!! BL/BA/TT/Lipo on thighs. I live alone with my 19 y/o daughter and my sister is going to come to my house and help me. How long will I need help? How long will I need someone there with me round the clock and then at what point can I be left alone for a couple of hours. My family all live within 5 minutes, however, my sister is actually staying at my house right after surgery. Just trying to get an idea of timing. Thank you so much!!!!

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Hi! I had TT, BL, and lipo on 12/17. So since its the middle of the night, I guess I'm starting PO day 8, lol. I would say if you can have someone there completely for the first week, that's important. Between the anesthesia (which can take days to completely leave), and the narc pain meds, my brain was really off for 4-5 days. My hubby kept track of meds, drainage, and bringing me lots of healthy food and water. You won't be able to bend down and pick up a sock. You won't be able to shower by yourself. So def the first week. But I'm not ready to be on my own yet, though I don't need constant care. Hubby goes to the store :) So plan for almost constant care for a second week. After that, I know a lot of ladies here say they feel more normal, though weak. I definitely suggest you buy a toilet seat riser, a bath stool, and buy or rent a power lift recliner. This recliner has been my home! I've been sleeping in it, and I can get up and down by myself because of the lift feature. :)