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Mind over Matter...Take Control of your Recovery

  • 45isnew25
  • 3 years ago

Ladies, I have to say the best piece of advice that I can give is that you can beat this recovery and it doesn't have to be as bad as it is! It hurts, it's annoying, the drains are a pain, coughing is a killer, lipo is the devil and on and on it goes, BUT it doesn't have to CONTROL you! Take it easy the first couple of weeks and especially until your drains come out but then begin easing back into your life. I made the decision at my 3 week post op appointment that I was taking back control and this recovery was not going to kick my ass any longer!! I began jogging on the treadmill and doing my upper body weight lifting, going out with friends, having lunch, going shopping and living my life. Swelling sucks, but haven't been too bad for me even after jogging. Each person is different, each person has different pain thresholds, but you can make a choice to take control of your recovery! Happy Healing Ladies.