LSL in Maitland Florida

  • harleygirl03
  • Leesburg, Fl
  • 3 years ago

Has anyone had the lifestyle life done in Maitland Florida.  If so, you let me know how you made out. I would appreciate it.  I have had a hard time finding anyone from the Maitland Area.

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I am 2 weeks post op. There is good and bad. Not sure if you have done it yet, but I'll tell you briefly my pros and cons. Price $6500.00. Had laser across my forehead only, which was great, painless except for some needles stinging to put in the lidocain for numbness. My skin peeld off with no oozing or anything terrible, and now looks clear and smooth. I had the lipo on my jawline, the neck lift and the muscle sutured underneath my chin. It took about 2 hours or so. Fine. I was numb for the whole thing and was very relaxed but awake. At least 225 stitches in all. Didn't know about this. About 25 underneath my chin, ok, and at least 200 from the front of my earline then around the ears (which I knew about), and then about 3 inches on each side in my hairline (which you can't see). So take note on that. My pain pills (Hydrocodone) made me sick. So make sure you get pills that don't make you sick when you want to feel no pain. You take 5 prescriptions and I didn't know about that, and you have to pay for that also. It was highly toxic to my system. It made me sick in that I had so much chemical sifting through my liver. But, I made it through that and it's only for a full week. I am now detoxing. You need someone to take care of you for at least 3 day fulltime, I had my mother for 5 days. You are in pain uness you get the correct pills. Check up on the following day, etc. Then the following week, then at 3 months, which I thought all that was ok also. You have to eat/drink through a straw for at least 3 to 4 days. You can't open your mouth yet (for jawline surgery). Got through that. You have to sleep inclined, I did for at least a week, and I might still at a slight incline. Cannot swim, exercise, lift, or do anything for 3-4 weeks. I did not know all this. I'm at 2 weeks post op. My neck looks tight and smooth. It looks great. The numbness and swelling in my face has just gone down and looks better. My stitches are going to dissolve so they are starting to pop out on their own, which is ok too. You have to cover your ears when you go out in public for at least a month, maybe longer I'm not there yet. That's it, fell much better, out in public, and starting to do some normal stuff, etc. Can keep you updated if you like. I went to Maitland, Fl office. Staff was nice, Dr. was great I thought. And speaks English and is American if this matters to someone.
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