How long before i can lift my arms?kelo-cote vs mederma vs scargel?

  • MaKiNcHaNgEz
  • Houston,Texas
  • 2 years ago

havent had surgery yet but 8 days away and all kinds of questions are going through my head...just wondering how long do i have the wear the button down shirts and gowns i bought...and what is a good solution for scars and how long before i can drive...just wondering thanks in advance for answers

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I am 12 days post op and wondered that too. However, my PS gave me very little in the way of limitations....most of them I have discovered through my own reading. So, I have ditched the button downs and am wearing a tshirt. Hope that is okay. I am stressing that my lift is starting to go down too quickly. The incisions are all still in place, no openings, but I don't look nearly as perky, which I know is due to swelling going down, but still it is worrying.
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