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Does anyone have a list of "pre-prep' items to have? Clothes, Food?

  • Ready2tuck
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 1 year ago

I am scheduled for February 15th.  I am excited to do this for me!  I scheduled my hair and keritan treatment for the week before!  Any other suggestions?  Should I get special spanx or leggings?  I have plenty of oversized tops that one day will be rags!

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I have come up with a list...feel free to add anything. I am taking notes from everyone! My surgery is February 15th. I am excited and scared at the same time! My list: Stool softener,Extra strength Tylenol, Palmers vitamin E skin therapy oil, Arnica, Gauze pads, Granny panties, Magazines, Help, Egg crate, Wedge pillow, Knee wedge, Snack table, Water bottles, Extra pillows, I'm going to have my cleaning lady here the day before, I will be making a few meals to freeze, Get extra cash on hand, you never know if someone picks something up for you. Do all laundry, get my husband's stuff back from the dry cleaner. Fill prescriptions, Have my book handy, New batteries in my TV remote! A pad of paper and pen, Journal, Loose sweat pants, Heating pad, Thick socks, Tissues and Trash can by my bed, Doctor's phone number handy! My personal prep includes: Leg wax, Pedicure/Manicure, Eyebrow wax, Hair color appointment, already made! I'm ordering an extra garment to have on hand. Did I miss anything?
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I would like a list as well....Like foods, what to wear, etc.
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