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Lipo on back and flanks before TT?

  • PhilippaB
  • USA
  • 3 years ago

Still considering surgery, and assessing all the things I want done. (Boy, when you first realize that a TT is even an option, versus the previous attitude of 'why would I want surgery, shouldn't diet and exercise do it', suddenly 'fixing' everything you've never liked becomes an option too! Including eyelids and neck, but that's another post.) I think that in addition to a TT with muscle repair, I could use lipo in various places on the thighs, and definitely on the back (bra roll) and flanks - I've got 'grabbable' rolls of fat in each place. Now, since it's probably not a good idea to have all of those areas done at the same time anyway - do you think it might be a better idea to have the back and flank lipo done first, and perhaps suck enough fat out of my hips that the TT scar might be shorter than otherwise? (The area I'm talking about is this - like, if I put my hands behind my back, thumbs down my hipbones, with my fingertips touching my spine, just above the waistband of my jeans, if I squeeze, I get handfuls of fat (which connect to the 'muffin top' in the front as well). Eww. I'm figuring out that this is probably pretty genetic - I look at my 5-year-old daughter, and she's not overweight, but she's shaped exactly the same way, with teensy little lumps in that area.) I'm just worried that with this weight-loss-resistant area, I'm going to have to have a circumferential 'body lift' TT scar...and if I can avoid that and potentially get better end results by maybe having lipo first? I would seriously consider it. What do you think? Has anyone here taken a 'lipo first' approach?

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If you're still considering this, you might want to post it as a question to doctors with a photo. Let us know what you decide!