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limited incision vs. full tummy tuck

  • Chloe77
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2 years ago

Hi - I've had two consultations so far.  I have a ventral/umbilical hernia and need a tummy tuck with muscle repair.  One doc says I have enough loose skin for a full tuck, but that my incision may be too high for me to wear a bikini.  The other doc says he can do a tummy tuck with muscle repair but with a limited incision (extended C-section scar, basically) lower down so that I can wear a bikini.  He said that my stomach could be 10-15% less flat than it would be with a full tuck, but that he thought I'd be happier with the lower scar.  Any opinions/advice?  I'm torn... 

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That is a hard one. It seems like a lot of the information I read on mini tucks, most are unhappy with the results. If you have a hernia and need that repaired and need a muscle repair I would go with a full tuck. The scar will fade and I think you would be much happier in the long run. Why do they think your incision needs to be high? I think if the scar isn't long enough there can be puckering. I don't know your body type though so that may not be true with you. If you can include a picture that would help and the reasoning for a higher scar.
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