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Lift chair (recliner) vs. hospital bed for recovery?

  • DevotedMama
  • USA
  • 1 year ago

Hi all!  I'm scheduled for a full TT with some minor flank lipo and am wondering if I'd be better off renting a hospital bed, or one of those reclining lift chairs (both are electric and remote-controlled).  I guess a hospital bed would allow me some bend of my knees and would seem more like normal sleeping, but a lift chair could lift me up to a standing position or lie totally flat with an extended footrest.  What do you think?  And how long would you recommend I rent it for??  Thanks in advance for the input!  Trying to be prepared here!!!

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I rented a lift chair this time but used a hospital bed from a previous abdominal surgery. I think the hospital bed is probably better you can adjust the height so its easier to get in and out of plus the head and legs of the bed adjust for sleeping or sitting. Either way you'll need lots of pillows ;) good luck with your decision.
Thanks for the info, that's great to know!

I loved the hospital bed.  While the lift chair will lift you up, you really need to be practicing getting up and down on your own.  The sooner you get moving on your own the better off you will be.  Yes it hurts to move for a while but it hurts even more to get stiff from not moving.  

Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for the feedback, Kimmers.

You bet:)