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What laser is the Best-esp for green and blue ink

  • newyear44
  • California City, CA
  • 2 years ago

I have done quite a few laser sessions on on a tattoo on stomach and foot. I have lost count, maybe 10 at least. My stomach faded more that my foot. The green and blue ink wont budge it is very annoying. my foot is starting to scar but has a lot of blue in it. the black in my foot has almost disappeared   I first tried a place which was largely subsidized by the government so was cheaper and have no clue what laser they used. I then tried out a new place and have been once they use medlite. I have heard about q5 on this forum but have not found anyone in New Zealand to have that laser :( Keep on with medlite? any suggestions??

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This Q&A asks a very similar question to yours, so perhaps the information the doctor shared will be helpful to you:

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