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Laser removal or injection solution(Tatt2away,skinial..)?

  • chilli123
  • 1 year ago

Hi all, I have a fairly new tattoo around 10 months old which I wish to remove ASAP. It is a small word on my arm, about 5x1cm. I've done an abundant amount of research for different removal methods and I've narrowed down to laser removal or an injection sort of removal? I think it's also called "de-tattooing". It seems as if the injection methods such as Tatt2away and Skinial seems to be much more promising than laser, as they have been advertised as less painful, requiring less treatments than laser.  However, I think there is a higher risk of infection.  I would like to  know from you guys if you have had any experience with either and if you could suggest which one would be more suitable for me. If you could give me some honest advice, that would be great!    Thanks in advance!