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Can any of you ladies feel your muscle separation, If so what does it feel like?

  • sexysoulsister
  • Fishers, IN
  • 2 years ago

Hi, Since I've been dropping the weight, I can feel what I think may be muscle separation in the upper part of my abs. I still have some fat in that area but mt tummy looks like more of a soft squishy mud slide when relaxed and when I suck it in I think I can feel where the muscles begin and end. Can anyone explain how I can feel for muscle separation?  

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Thanks for the video link!
Hey Hon! I have pretty bad muscle seperation and to meit feelslike a deep pit when I lay down. My tummy is completely flat when i lay down but since mine is so bad you can see the pit as well. Mine is over 4 fingers wide (1 is normal). You can also see my hernia pulsate since I have the Gap - it's disgusting! LOL! Here is a good video to help you check.....