Lack of sensation in Nipple Area

  • Ella13
  • 2 years ago

I am now about 8 weeks post op and more than pleased with my new breasts.  However, I am concerned about the nipple area of both breasts because I have minimum sensation.  When touched the nipple area does become erect quickly but I am worried that the sensation will not return.  In reading the doctor blogs they say that this could take time but there are a small percentage of people who, after BR surgery, do not have any sensation in their nipple area. I would very much apppreciate hearing from others who may experienced something similar in their recovery Thank you so very much. 

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I am 1 month post op and have no sensation in this area from day one. It's to early to know if it would change.
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Thank you Nets for your response. Please keep me updated on you recovery - i would be interested in knowing how things progress. I have an appointment this friday with my surgeon so I will check with her regarding this issue. I wish you Good Luck!
Btw my doctor said it's normal in the beginning, so we just need to give it some time...
Update- In the past week i'm starting to feel pain every time my nipples gets hard. It's a new feeling to me so I guess it means that I got some sensitivity back.

I have included a link to some information on Nipple Sensation + Breast Reduction.

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