What kind of underwear during recovery?

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  • Sunnyvale, CA
  • 9 months ago

Normally I wear Hanes comfortsoft bikini underwear but I'm wondering if I should buy something else to wear during recovery because I'm worried the bikini cut could rub on my incision. What did you wear?

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If you're in a compression garment you won't be wearing underwear on the skin. Either no underwear or it will need to be over the compression garment. So I guess whatever is comfortable.
I purchased grannie panties prior to having my surgery during recovery did not use them gave to my mother- my CG has a hole in the crotch area which made it easy to pee- no panties were necessary during the first few weeks --
I haven't changed my underwear at all, I am just wearing regular bikini underwear (cotton), though sometimes the swelling makes it a little tight. I have found a couple of times that my underwear has rubbed against the scar and I have had to fold them down, that helps.