Has anyone used Kaiser in LA for explantation? Good? Bad?

  • polojess
  • 2 years ago

Hi ladies, I need to get my 360cc saline unders removed because the left one is deflating and I'm on my 3rd round of capsular contracture in my right implant. Dr. Stuart Linder in Beverly Hills did all three surgeries: 1st - implant(200), 2nd -capselotomy(2007), 3rd - complete removal and two new implants(2008). I really love my breasts when they are soft, but right one is hard as a rock and painful...again. I really feel I have no choice but to take them out. Apparently my Kaiser insurance will cover 80% of the cost. Has anyone used any Kaiser doctors in the LA area, or any area I guess, for explantation? Are they experienced? Did you like the results?   Thanks!