June 2011 Mommy Makeovers!

  • Dolly24
  • Chicago, IL
  • 3 years ago

Hi ladies! Just wondering if anyone has a scheduled June surgery date? I'm super excited and would love to chat about all things leading up to our big day! My date is June 15th. I am getting a TT and Breast Aug with implants. I think scheduling it so far in advance is making me anxious. Although I am very excited. I even downloaded a count down app for my Droid. It's something fun. Only 57 more days... YIKES!!

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Well im one month post op and wow! nobody metioned there would be so many highs and lows!! One week you full of energy and the next you so drained you cant get out of bed...one day your tummy is nice and flat and the next you look kinda bloated... and the incisions whats up with looking healed one minute and then red and inflamed the next...i really thout i had it under control two weeks post op but all these suprises keep popping up...hope this is the worst of it...im so tired and drained that i had to take another day off work...(took one last week also!)...im wearing a midriff bra today since my breast scars are sore??...my belly button went from being nice and round to kinda longish...oh well i guess its a long long journey to my destination of completey healed lol...
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two weeks post op and feeling much better. Naturally, still swollen and some lumps on my waist (one one each side). Last night, I noticed that the entire incision is lumpy and swollen as well and it still is. I'm not sure if I should worry about this. I don't have a fever, so I figure it's not an infection. I too feel that the entire area above pubic area is very swollen. So, I'm thinking that on Tues. I will be calling PS office and see about going in so Doc can evaluate and I can be put at ease that this is normal. I went out for the first time yesterday, to Target and it was exhausting to walk. My muscles started cramping and tightening after several steps. Wish I was able to do normal things like some others who seem to be doing great after one week. I am still not able to drive. Guess, I 'm just one of those unlucky ones that recovers slowly.
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I feel much the same as you do. I have only ventured out for a car ride and plan to go and find a more comfortable binder tomorrow. I manage to make the salad, put a load of laundry in, wander around my garden but that is it. Are you taken any pain meds, Advil, anything?

I am two weeks on Monday and will see my PS for post op visit number 2 next Wednesday. 9 days post op my drains came out and the steristrips were changed. What has been done at your visits?

Hope you don't mind the questions. You are just so close to my progress.

The binder makes me crazy. The PS said I could find a nother one but I am nervous that it won't do as good a job as this one.

Hope you are doing well today.
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I am still wearing my binder at night because it helps me move more easily. I have been wearing a think tanktop and then putting the binder of it because anything rubbing around on my tummy is so irritating.

My boob drains dried up by day 4 so I called the Doc that day and said the entry points were red and inflamed. He had me come in that day and removed them...what a relief. My TT drain stayed in until my 1 week appt. I was glad to have that out.

He wanted my steristrips off by Day 10. I peeled them off no problem...everything was healing nicely by that time and I was numb anyway so it didn't hurt.

My doc prescribed some kind of med for the muscle cramping but I never did have to take it.

I asked my Doc when I could do things and he said that I could NOT drive until 2 weeks. He said I should try to do situps until week 6. I had a full ab repair and he repaired 2 hernia as well. Regarding everything else, he said to listen to my body. Everyone is different. I am at day 24 today and I tried to lift a box of laundry detergent at Costco today...not a good idea...way to heavy. I get in/out of the car slowly, also in/out of bed. I can't slide or twist at the waist so I have to pick my butt up and turn and then sit down. My abs don't hurt unless I strain them, picking something up, sneezing, etc.
I hope you are feeling better everyday!
Take care.
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Looks like I am going to finish up my MM in October 6th Wanted to do it sooner but I have severl business trips scheduled and want to feel up to par while traveling as well as want to make sure my son is happy and back to school (1st grade:)) I thought I could do it sooner and 3 weeks would be enough time to recoup but I really need to be on with long hours, so in October I can slide a little if I have to. Just don't have any time with a 3 week span with nothing important planned. This will give me some time to really heal from the BR and lipo and get some exercise in. So I guess one more summer with out a swim suit:(
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Hi Nicks Mom,
I thinks this summer is out for me too with a new swim suit or bikini. I am still so swollen from my surgery 11 days ago. It will be awhile before my tummy goes down. I think waiting will be good. You can fully recoup from your first surgery and be mentally prepared again. Plus you will have all winter and then look like a new women when spring comes around. It will be like an unvailing :) Isn't it so hard to try to find the right time to do these surgeries? I was going out of my mind saying "ok can't do it this month because of this" cant do it this date because of this" there is always something goin on... we are busy women!!! Hope you are loving the BR and lipo!!!
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Like the size of my BR and how perky but think they placed the nipples too low;( might need a revision when I do the TT but really don't want to worry about anything else going wrong because the look great in cloths. Lipo is ok hope it gets all pulled together with the TT. But really need to get my TT...my chest used to go out past my belly now they are even. When I get my belly sucked in I will be a better version of what it is right now. Give yourself a few weeks you'll you will make it into a swim suit:)
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Hi, ladies! Q for you. I'm starting to bra shop and can't seem to find the perfect one. I want something a little more than a thin layer (bc it's way too revealing in a tee) but not as thick as a padded. If you've found a perfect comfy bra, please let me know where. Thanks.
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I have a few sports bras that look good and fit well under clothes. Check those out. If you hav a Nordstroms try there. They size you perfectly.
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I found a great one at Walmart. Hooks in the front but thin like a normal sport bra...no thick padding, just soft cotton...and it doesn't look to 'old lady like'.
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I have these Champion sports bras (not sure if your looking for a regular bra or sports bra)that are thin but don't show my nips in tee shirts. I know Victorias Secret or PINK has thoes cotton bras that aren't heavy and slightly padded. I use to wear these before my surgery. You can even wear them to bed they are so comfy. Check them out on the website they even have wireless if your looking for that :) Heres the address http://www.victoriassecret.com/bras/cotton-lingerie
hope it helps :)
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im four days post surgery and im having so much dis-comfort from the tummy tuck and trying to sleep but it is getting better...my breast dont give much pain but the scars look a bit weird...im trying not to look at my results so much im just focusing on healing but i must admit i cant wait for my post op appointment next week wednesday to get some worries off my mind....how is everyone else doing??

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I will let you know how I am doing tomorrow after my surgery! I was thinking for all the people that are having trouble sleeping to maybe try a sleep aid? I don'tknow if this is allowed but I am going to ask my PS if itwould be ok since I have trouble sleeping as it is!! Congrats on your surgery. Let us know how your PS appt goes!
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ok, so i know how you feel about having so much discomfort. The tummy incision burns and then the spot where the drains come out sting. not much pain in the breasts except them being heavy and tight. Itchy too where he incisions are trying to heal. The scars do look weird as well. I just keep dreaming of the day the drains come out. I have been wearing a swim suit cover up which is awesome. I just wanna wear some shorts and a tank top. So next week after I get the drains out. how you feeling?
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hey im doing much better...im 13 days post op and im ready to go back to work started driving 9 days post op...i've been a real trooper if i mus say so myself lol...my scars look ok and im happy with my results...how is your healing going??
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My vertical incisions look a kind of weird and a bit bumpy too but my Dr had already warned me about that ahead of time and he assures me that somehow that as they heal, they smooth out on their own. I do know that I had a mole removed on my arm once and when they stitched the incision back up it was lumpy and I was concerned that it was going to stay that way and it didn't. It smoothed out pretty quickly and now I can't even see where they removed the mole. So, I am pretty confident that my Dr is telling me the truth and I need to trust the healing process. He's the expert and does this for a living. If they don't smooth all the way out for some reason he can fix it, if necessary.
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Hey Charls,
I am now 11 days post op and compared to the first week I feel like a champ. Although I am having a hard time healing with the incisions. I am still oozing from my bellybutton and tummy tuck. I am goin to see the PS next week since this concerns me a lot and I think I should get another anitbiotic for any possibe infections :( I just drove for the first time today. Its weird a little but I think I have to just get use to it. I have a mini SUV so getting in and out is easy :) Other than that I'm hoping to go back to work early July. I work for a hospital so I am on my feet 90% of my shift. I am going a lil stir crazy. Didn't know how much I really like working hahah Don'[t get me wrong I love my time off but it's not like its a vacation for me or something besides sleeping in is awesome
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Dolly. I work at a hospital too. Alll day long stretching, lifting, moving!!! I go back july 7. Im an xray, ct, mammo tech. What do u do??
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That is so great to hear that the TT is not that bad, be aide the redcution and lipo was not that bad, more discomfort than anything, so I will wait a couple months and try to schedule the TT. I take a full week off work then work from home after that. I can't take much more than that but I can work from bed.
I'm so glad I can hear about how you are doing. You sound like you will be back at it and regular routine in no time.
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Hi again. So far day one has been pretty manageable. I wanted to have everything done at once and I am so glad that I did. Going through 2 recoveries would not be fun especially with the kids out of school right now!
The TT was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I had a hysterectomy this past Feb and compared to that the TT has been a piece of cake!
And I cannot feel the lift or the new implants at all. I think this is because I had implants before. I switched them out yesterday for slightly larger silicone ones and i can already tell the difference is amazing.
Getting up and out of bed is the hardest part when you have multiple procedures. You are not supposed to use your arms to push up with and of course not your core. So what I have to do is kind of roll over and then get up using my legs and feet only. I am getting used to that. I am sitting up in bed at all times propped with pillows. We do have a recliner but it is down where the kids are and it would be too hard to rest there. My bed just felt a whole lot better. As long as you have a lot of pillows, you will be fine. I have a body pillow, 2 behind my head, and one under my knees.

Another thing you need to know is that if you do both at the same time, it is considered a pretty long operation. Mine was 5 hours. I have no recall of waking up but when I got home there was a ton of fluid on my lungs from laying down so long in the O.R. This was kind of scary because you absolutely cannot cough to try and remove it. I did try to cough a little, but it hurt really bad so I stopped. My hubby got me the best cough drops today and they have helped so much. They are the Ricola natural herb drops and I have eaten a ton of them trying not to cough.

Don't be nervous, you will do great!!
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No I did not have any lipo because my PS did not think I needed it. You can see my pics on my original post. At first I was bummed out because I did think I needed some lipo on the flank area. But my PS did not want to do it. The surgery was pretty long and he was worried about safety and doing too much at one time. The lift, implant exchange, scar removal and full tt was enough. I also am not overweight so that may have been part of his decision as well.
He did tell me this morning that he cut away some of the belly fat though before the flap was put into place, so I am ok with that.
I really have no recollection of recovery room at all.
I was very concerned about getting nausea afterwards. This has happened to me with every single surgery I have had, and I did not want to pull a stitch. My PS had the anesthesia dr. give me a patch to put behind my ear and it works wonders! I still have it on, and have not felt sick one time.
So I would highly recommend getting this if you are prone to nausea with surgery or prone to nausea with pain meds/ or pain pump.
And also the cough drops have been a wonderful suggestion. Last night when I got home it felt like I had a ton on fluid on my lungs from laying down so long. That was hard because you cannot cough without breaking open something! So the cough drops and tons of water have saved me.
Im glad this is behind me and wish all of you ladies with upcoming surgery dates the very best!
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I normally check Realself from my cell phone so didn't see your pictures. NO!!! you did not need any lipo!!!!
You will look amazing soon.
I am on the fence about the TT only because of concerce of going under and history of autoamune as well as getting time off. I have a hard time taking time off. My boss does not care its me,but I know i will not get it out of my mind until i get it done. You have more than one surgery right? Having large breasts for so long then going smaller I will REALLY need to get the TT it will make everything look better.....I think. Listen to me blab...I do that when i get nervouse.
how is getting in and out of bed? are you sitting or in bed most of the day? Hope you are feeling better everyday.
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Hi June Ladies,
I am one day post op. I had full TT, implant exchange (went from 300 cc saline to 400 cc silicone), removal of scar tissue, and breast lift. It was a 5 hour surgery, but I came home the same day. There was someone on here who suggested to get a pain pump. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!!!!Ask you PS to provide you with one. It cost me an extra $250 to get it, but it has been worth every cent. This has been the most pain free surgery I have ever had.
All of this has not been nearly as hard as I imagined it would be. I knew the BA would not be bad because I had been through that before. I was a little worried about the lift and TT though, but honestly it has not been miserable due to the Pain Pump.
I saw my incision for the first time this morning at my PS's office. I am very pleased as it is really low and in my hair line. I do have a small vertical from the old belly button, but it is tiny and I don't think it looks like it will be a huge deal. (I opted to do this vs a higher scar or the float procedure.)
Sleeping is a little hard but hopefully that will get better. Pain meds have a strange effect on me- they keep me up instead of making me fall asleep!
All in all this has been great so far. I was so nervous, but I am really glad I did it!
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So glad you are doing well. I had the Pain pump with my breast reduction and will have it when I get my TT. Keep us posted from day to day. Did you have any lipo? Take care!
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That's wonderful to hear you are doing great! Especially with the pain. My PS automaticlly gives you the pain pump. But only for the Boobs. Is there one that you can get for your tummy?
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