July 1st....I have questions!! clothing, post op,lipo and pain pump

  • TT_July1 2011
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  • 3 years ago

I will be seeing my PS on tues for my last visit before surgery on friday. I am trying to prepare myself. I am not really very scared although I hope i havent set my expectations too high! Please give me any advice you have on the questions as well as any other info you might think would be helpful. thanks!! Is it true your regular clothes will be too small after the surgery until the swelling goes down? I ask this because i go back to work on the 12th and for my job i have to somewhat dress up business professional clothing. Cute shirt and black dress pants normally will do the trick. I have read so much my mind is getting overload. ?? DID I SEE MY REGULAR CLOTHES WILL BE TOO SMALL FROM SWELLING?? I havnt told the people i work with i am having this done. THey just think i am taking vacation. CAN YOU TELL BY LOOKING AT ME I AM ALL BINDED UP AND HURTING 11 days post op???? Will I regret not having LIPO on flanks/hips if i am spending the money on TT w Muscle repair??   DID You have a pain pump?? THey included it in the price of my surgery. i meant to as my dr and will before surgery but i am curious ..... WHAT MEDS CAN THEY GIVE YOU? I AM ALLERGIC TO MORPHINE,   thanks in advance :)

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The maricane pain pump worked out great and yoga pants have been perfect to hide drain bulbs.

Definitely check with your surgeon about the morphine, but I think for post-op pain management they usually give percoset or something similar.

People might be able to tell your hurting because some women are still kind of hunched over at 11 days post op. Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones, but if there is any way for you to take off two to three full weeks, you should do it. This is a long, hard recovery.

And yes, you will be swollen for quite a while. Most women live in loose sweats for several days after a tummy tuck.

Here's some info for you on a pain pump.

Hope this helps!