Anyone interested in splitting lipo package in Dallas (Dr. Nathan Long)?

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  • 2 years ago

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Dr. Nathan Long is a wonderful person and doctor. I am sorry you had a bad experience but if you feel in any way that he personal mislead you I feel that is not accurate at all. If you did not do the research to know what and who you were paying to perfome your surgery then that is on you. I feel confident that no one in his office would ever lie to a patient. I have nothing but positive happy results and experiences with Dr. Long. I am proud to call him my doctor. I feel that you had unrealistic expectations and so you were not happy with the results, unfortunatley that is not his fault. No evidence usually means no case
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DR.NATHAN LONG IN DALLAS TEXAS is the Dr. that had his staff LIE and tell my husband and I that he was a board certified plastic surgeon and totally MANGLED my abdomen. He is NOT a Board certified plastic surgeon!!!!I would not ever in my life recommend him to anyone. I had laser lipo done by him 6 months after I had my baby boy. I now look like I’ve been burnt with scars, bumps, lumps and loose skin on my stomach. Not to mention the excruciating pain I went through for over six months. I have a lot of nerve damage and am still in continuous pain 2 years later. I wish I would have never chose him to perform my procedure. I now (if I have the guts to and maybe the money one day) get a tummy tuck from one hip to the other, lipo done on my back, hips and pubic area! That would consist of me being in a wheel chair for 5 days. I went to many post op appointments and was very much freaked out of how much pain I was in and why my stomach WAS NOT HEALING and I had pockets of fluid for several months. I chose Dr. Long because he promised me that it would be a great alternative to a tummy tuck (and I would be able to wear a bikini in 3 or 4 months).I wont even wear a one piece with out shorts to cover up the abnormalities. I look like I have been in a fire and have been burnt!!I have an area under my navel that has had to much fat taken out witch makes my pubic area look extremely swollen.I do not have a natural shaped abdomen. I would trade my belly that I had from my babies any day over the horrific job that DR.NATHAN LONG did on my abdomen! I made my last appointment 6 months after the procedure and went to his office to talk to him like a civilized woman and asked him if he could please pay for me to get a tummy tuck. HE HAD NO INTEREST IN DOING THAT and continued to tell me that it will heal! I have gone to 4 (actual) plastic surgeons and was told by each of them that the procedure was NOT DONE CORRECTLY at all and DR.LONG should be reported IMMEDIATELY!!! I then wrote a long letter and sent at least 20 photos of my abdomen and was told that there was not enough proof to show that I was LIED to about him being a board certified plastic surgeon. Please Please Please reconsider having any procedures done by Dr. Nathan Long.

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Check out HealthGrades. It's a website that allows patients to "grade" their doctors. Dr. Long is on there. He does not meet the nations average for good reviews but we should all do our homework when it comes to our health.
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