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In a perfect world, how much time would you take off work?

  • PeachyKeen
  • 2 years ago

I'm having my TT next month and I can pretty much take off as much time as I need from work. I had another surgery last year and went back too soon. I didn't get as much rest as I needed to heal thus making my recovery last longer. I know everyone is different, but ideally, how much time would you take off work to give yourself ample time to heal?

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I have a desk job so there isn't any real physical activity involved. I just know that last time I had surgery (less invasive) I was not mentally ready to go back after 2 weeks. I was still really tired and I struggled to make it to the end of the day. I guess I just needed that rest while my body was healing.
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I think it depends on the kind of work you do and your home responsibilities. Both can be very draining and the energy is needed for healing. I have a physical job but also have some management responsibilities. I am not going back to the physical side (lifting etc) for 3 months)
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I was able to take off 3 weeks, so have one more at home. When I'm sitting at home right now (10 days PO) I think I'd have the energy for my job next week -- then I wander around the house poking away at a few easy tasks and I'm ready for a nap. Glad I have one more week to ease into things. Even if you have a desk job (and I do) it's a long day.
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In a perfect world you should take 3-4 weeks off.  Two simply is not enough:(  

Don't rush this process.  You need to allow your body to properly heal.  

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