Need Help Picking a Surgeon for Asian Rhinoplasty!

  • girl25
  • Garden Grove, CA
  • 2 months ago

I am torn between 2 doctors for my primary Asian rhinoplasty. They are BOTH board certified in Otolaryngologyhave about the same years of experience. I can’t decide which is the better choice. Help! Here are the differences:Doctor 1Med School at USC KeckPractices ENT and facial plastic surgeryWill use septal cartilage onlyOnly 10% Asian rhinoplasty patientsA little more affordableDoctor 2Med School at BaylorPractices facial plastic surgery primarilyWill use septal and ear cartilageAt least half Asian rhinoplasty patientsA little more expensive than doctor 1

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Hello. Can I ask which surgeons you are choosing? It would be helpful to get some names of the doctor. Thanks.
I met with Dr Charles Lee and Dr Donald Yoo. They had the most Asian rhinoplasty experience. Best of luck!