Help!! I need to pick a facial surgeon in Los Angeles for rhinoplasty and don't know how to pick the right Dr!!!

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For many years I have wanted to get rhinoplasty and have finally saved up to do this operation. I have gone to see a few surgeons -- but it's been very difficult to make a decision since they are all equally skilled and with comparable pricing. I would love to get personal experience input from anyone in this community who has had experience getting a rhinoplasty from any of the following doctors: - Dr. Jason Hamilton - Dr. Paul Nassif (or Dr. Donald Yoo)  - Dr. Richard Flemming - Dr. Michael Persky    I am open to other options but at this point I need to make a decision and would love feedback from anyone in this community to who they think is a very talented surgeon -- i have a deviated septum but looking to reduce the size of my nose too -- so it's function and cosmetic.    many thanks!!!

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I finally choose a doctor and I went with Dr. Grigoryants! Although I found Dr. Bruno to be highly rated, he was highly rated for everything but Rhinoplasty. Dr. G. has over 150 before and after photos and TONS of great reviews from people. Also, he has a 4 month waiting list....that speaks volumes.
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My doctor that I used also has an office in santa rosa. Not quite sure how far that is from you. He is wonderful. You can read my blog for extensive info but I also wanted the size and deviated septum fixed and I had a hump that needed taken out as well. I am a little over 6 week post op and although i have had my ups and downs i am very happy now
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I am in the same boat and have to decide in 48 hours - Dr. Grigoriants vs/ Dr. William Bruno. The problem is niether one has and Caucasian women on their webistes. I don't have a hump or any other type of ethnic nose- HELP!!! One thing is Dr. Bruno has a really nice (expensive) office and professional staff. He also asks for blood tests before surgery. Dr. Grigoriants doesn't have a nice office or staff, nor does he seemed concerned about blood tests and clean bill of health before surgery. Now none of that may matter, however - who is better at nose tip refinement for Caucasians is the real question. HELP
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While I can't recommend any one doctor over another, here's what some doctors say about choosing the best rhinoplasty P.S.

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