Help! I used Biore Pore Strips 21 days after Rhinoplasty

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  • 1 year ago

I had a complicated septorhinoplasty almost 3 weeks ago with dorsal hump removal, usage of graphs and tip work. I am really happy with the result. Last night I made a really stupid decision to use a Biore pore strip to get rid of the blackheads. I knew better but I still did it. I was very gentle and removed the strip in parts after only 5 minutes after applying it. I tried my best not to pull the skin, only lightly. I'm terrified that I did some permanent damage to my nose though because it has been aching since. I feel strong tingling and slight pain in the area where the dorsal hump was and around it. I also noticed a very slight, almost miniscule hump while only yesterday my nose was perfectly straight. It was also quite hard to the touch and stiff. The tip was numb. Today it's rather soft to the touch. I scheduled an emergency appointment with my surgeon but I've been feeling sick with fear all day because I believe that I de-attached the skin from the inner tissue structures and caused damage to the nose. It also didn't ache before at all and now it is. Please help.

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Hi there,

What did your surgeon say? Is your nose still aching?

I am to see my surgeon tomorrow. He said he couldn't tell me anything over the phone but that I should have NOT used the strips. He said, "I told you it was OK to tough your nose gently and apply apply makeup, but no strips".
I ALMOST did this but the drug store was closed when i got out of work! Luckily I got warned just in time! Had I not gotten out of work late, I would have used the strips 1 week post op