help and advice about tummy tuck

  • marysteffey
  • 2 years ago

Help and advice wanted Hi all, I am new to this board and need advice and help.  I have lost 115 lbs and have maintained for about 1 1/2 years and cant seem to get down any lower.....I have thin legs arms butt and  chest and hold all my weight in my belly and abdomin. I have had 6 pregnancies and a c bmi in about 29.....  I have had severe infections in the area of panus under the fold of skin and have been treated twice for mrsa.  .the first Dr I saw said he would do lipo in upper ab with the tummy tuck and mmuscle tightening but unfortunately insurance denied it with him as not medically necessary,  I saw a second Dr and got insurance approval for the skin removal and I will pay seperately for the muscle tightening but he doesnt do lipo at the same time due to blood flow problems.....My part of the surgery will be $3900 which is about a $1000 dollars more than the other Dr who was going to do lipo,,,,,,it is not about the $$   but I am wondering what to do....because i am paying more and he is not doing the lipo......I am also worried as I have fat under my skin and I am hoping that will be removed too....I am also a coward and worried about the pain,,,,,,I had a c section and really did not feel that was bad but was in hospital on morphine for 2 days is scarey going home the same day, Mary