What Happens When You First Arrive to the Surgery Center?

  • mountainmomma
  • 2 years ago

i'm so scared but you ladies are helping me so very much!!!  thank you very much for this!!!! i'm going in feb. 10th (will post pics soon) for TT, BA (re-do of old implants from '95), lipo on flanks. so nervous now...walk me thru what happens when you first get to the surgery center!!!  do they give you any med's to calm the nerves right away???  and are you in pain when you wake up from the surgery. thanks so much!!!!

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Hi there,

I know you've been through this already, but for other ladies about to go through it, I've had a few procedures and the surgeons were hesitant to give anything for nerves. They all asked, "Do you have a prescription for something? Did you bring any?"

My input is that if you want something for anxiety, ask for it ahead of time and then ask if it's okay to take just before you leave for the surgery center or right when you get there.

I know it can be frightening, and anti-anxiety meds are a huge help!

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