Good Reconstructive/revision Doctors in NYC/NJ That Are Abmc?

  • RhinosorousLady
  • NY
  • 2 years ago

I have had a horrible experience with a famous NYC surgeon. I had an ethnic bulbous nose and wanted it reduced slightly..he completely changed it. I also had a mid facelift(I am in my 20s) and now my face is huge as I already had large cheekbones. I don't trust my PS for revision because after hours of searching I found bad reviews on his Can't believe I fell for the "image" his tv shows/magazines :-( Now I need a GOOD surgeon on the abmc in my area. Any suggestions? I cant bear more pain

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You might want to start by checking out revision rhinoplasty doctors in your area. Go here to do that:

Also, check out this link about what other doctors have to say about NY revision rhinoplasty surgeons.

Hope this helps!