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I am going through so many emotion about plastic surgery. Is this normal?

  • Phillymic22
  • 10 months ago

I started this journey last December with a consultation for a Tummy Tuck. I went to two separate consultations and pretty much just listened to the Dr. as I was not sure what to ask. After that, I thought I was ready to schedule the surgery, but when it came time to make a deposit, I chickened out. I decided to return for another consultation a few months later. I asked a ton of questions and took my husband along for support. I mulled it over for about 7 months then decided to call the Dr's office for available surgery dates. I thought I was ready to schedule, but after I got off the phone with the patient coordinator I got very stressed out and scared. Now I'm wondering, is it worth the stress? This will consume a lot of time and energy. Some of the thoughts I am having are 1) Is it worth it? 2) Am I choosing the right doctor 3) Do I want to go through pain 4) How is this decision going to affect my family 5) Will all this time and money really change the way I feel about myself? 6) Should I get a third consultation? 7) Will the Dr's office get annoyed if I keep calling them for dates then not scheduling anything? Can some of you please let me know if you went through the same thing as well or am I alone here. When do you know this is what you really want and just do it?