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I am going through so many emotion about plastic surgery. Is this normal?

  • Phillymic22
  • 8 months ago

I started this journey last December with a consultation for a Tummy Tuck. I went to two separate consultations and pretty much just listened to the Dr. as I was not sure what to ask. After that, I thought I was ready to schedule the surgery, but when it came time to make a deposit, I chickened out. I decided to return for another consultation a few months later. I asked a ton of questions and took my husband along for support. I mulled it over for about 7 months then decided to call the Dr's office for available surgery dates. I thought I was ready to schedule, but after I got off the phone with the patient coordinator I got very stressed out and scared. Now I'm wondering, is it worth the stress? This will consume a lot of time and energy. Some of the thoughts I am having are 1) Is it worth it? 2) Am I choosing the right doctor 3) Do I want to go through pain 4) How is this decision going to affect my family 5) Will all this time and money really change the way I feel about myself? 6) Should I get a third consultation? 7) Will the Dr's office get annoyed if I keep calling them for dates then not scheduling anything? Can some of you please let me know if you went through the same thing as well or am I alone here. When do you know this is what you really want and just do it?

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Yes it took me 7 years to actually book and go through with it. Some of it was money issue but all of the concerns you listed above were def part of it. Once I actually booked it I flip flopped like crazy and was very very emotional. I just ended up having to do it...
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So... once you went through with it, how did you feel?
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I felt ok about it...I have a lot of swelling and that is causing me issues with how i feel about the results so you can't base it on that. Some days I like how I look, others I am unhappy. As far as the pain and stuff goes, it sucks but it works itself out. But in the end even if I stayed like this it is WAYYYY better than it was!
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It took me 10 years to really decide that I was ready for it. I had a few consults but really liked my first PS that I saw and he had excellent reviews. Dragged the husband along to see him and he was happy as well, we asked lots of questions. The timing and finances just seemed to all come together so I knew that it was right. Yep it's hard to know if you're doing the right thing or not, but you really need to work that out before you go ahead.
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