Has anyone done a full TT revision even after their BB was previously moved or floated and had success?

  • ttredo
  • 1 year ago

I had a TT and the BB was floated which means the blood supply was cut.  The problem is there is alot more skin that could still be taken and in order to do this the surgeon would have to move the BB or umbilicus again.  This runs the risk of the BB dying or umbilical stenosis. Has anyone done such a revision after the BB was initially moved and did the BB survive?  if so who was your surgeon?

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I need the same thing!! Did you find a great revision surgeon? I could go to PA, NJ or NY. I am desperate to get this fixed.
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I had a great revision done in Chicago. His name is James Platis and mine turned out great. BB survived and tight flat tummy. He is worth it. And I saw alot of folks.
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Do you have any pics?
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