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Anyone have full TT with lipo to the inner and outer thighs at the same time?

  • Isabelle44
  • 3 years ago

Wondering how the recovery was with having both, and how long a surgery was it?

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I had Full TT, lipo flanks,lower back,inner thighs and breast augmentation with fat transfer to breast cleavage. I felt on day 2 -6 I had done to much now I am 8 weeks post op but my TT scar has 4 little spots where it is opening a little. Will have to call my ddoc.
Hi Isabelle,

My procedure took 5 hours. I came out of surgery wearing a binder that goes from under my breasts right down to below my knees. it has been two weeks and I am still wearing the binder garment. Good luck sweetie..Your day is just around the corner.
Katie C-
Thanks so much for your post. I'm having a full TT and lipo on inner and outer thighs on Thurs. (May 12). How long was your surgery? And, did you purchase extra compression garments? My PS said I'll have a girdle type garment that goes from high tummy to right above the knees. I'll wear that for 2 weeks, then I can wear my own (spanx type) garment for another 4 weeks. Was that your experience? I'm not sure how I'm going to stuff myself into that!!

It helps me to know that your recovery wasn't horrible!! Thanks for the help in knowing what to expect with both procedures. I really appreciate it!!
Hi there, I had both done at the same time. I can say that most of the pain came from the repair of the muscles in the tummy, did not even feel or acknowledge that the lipo was done on my thighs.
My thighs are black and blue, but the tummy tuck takes up all my attention.
It is not soo bad.

Was back at work one week after my tummy tuck. It is a desk job though.
I wanted lipo on both inner and outer thigh but my PS said no that will be too much at on time, however, since he did my hip and outter thigh I don't need the inner thighs, I'm glad he said no.
Yes, I'm getting a full TT with a breast augmentation, and Lipo of back, flanks, and inner thighs. I'm already my ideal weight so my doctor said I will do just fine.
I wanted this done but my ps said no, that in Florida your only allowed to take out 1,000cc of fat and that I should wait to do my thighs and back. She also said it would be hard to do my back since I would be laying on my back but I'm going to ask if she could do my back 1st than. I truly was looking forward to all 3
Good luck to you, Senorita82! I'm scheduled for a full tt with lipo of inner and outer thighs at the same time. Hoping that the recovery is "do-able". What date is your TT scheduleded for?
May 25 I'm so excited I'm gonna go back for lipo on my thighs. My ps said they will improve due to the tt pulling and tighten the skin. I hope so. Wish they could take more fat put 1,000cc is not enough I think. So states have a 5,000 max