Is the Free consultation promised done by a doctor?

  • SandraD in New York
  • Manhattan NY
  • 3 years ago

I had a "consultation" at the Manhatten office on June 20th 2011. My appointment was at 1.00pm and I was seen at 3.05pm. The "consultant" turned out to be the man who handles the finances-one Kyle.This  accountant then  proceeded to advise me  in the loudest voice possible on the treatment I needed. Nothing about what is seen on the video. He said I shoud do Juverderm and Botox which will last for 1-2years(not true) and that I should come back after a year to be injected with fat  which will be removed from my abdomen. This the accountant claimed will last a life time!  He also advise that the surgery wll not help the neck and jowl area- all of which is claimed in the video The cost for the Juverderm was USD$6000.00 and I could start immediately. When I asked him why he was speaking so loudely he said that he had to be loud because that is the only way he gets people to make up their minds quickly!     I left the "consult" disappointed and horrified.  Has anyone had this type of experience with their 'free consultation" Sandra D  

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Lifestyle Lift consultants come from different backgrounds, mine was an esthetician. She made recommendations based on our conversation. The doctor couldn't meet with me the same day, because he was in surgery. However, I scheduled time specifically with him and we spent about 20 minutes talking about my expectations, my health history, preparing for the procedure and after care. It was very helpful and the surgeon agreed with the consultants recommendations.
Deb 10 where did you have your consultation?
I was seen by 2 ladies first who explained all they had to offer and then the dr came in and answered all my questions and never rushed me.
He sugested what he thought I needed and I had already decided to do what he suggested.
A totally positive and exciting experience for me if I was you I would go to another office or call and tell them what happened to you sounds like you dr was too busy to see you.

Wow, Sandra. What a strange experience! I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that.