Looking for a Surgery Buddy!! - Beverly Hills, CA

  • tcl0303
  • East Peoria, IL
  • 1 year ago

I'm getting revision rhinoplasty on July 10th with Dr. Raja Srour in Beverly Hills and would love a surgery buddy!! I feel bad bugging my husband and talking about this all the time, so it'd be great to have someone to go through it with me who won't potentially get tired of the subject!! Does anyone out there have their surgery on close to that?? Check out my initial procedure review under revision rhinoplasty for details (it doesn't get enough hits, so I'm hoping the "rhinoplasty" general forum will have some more support!!)! I'm 26 years old and I've already had two of these ops, so I'm hoping this will be the last!! I'm in medical school, but I used to be a model...now I'm kind of in limbo, studying for my boards and waiting for the next step (secretly hoping I can be in Playboy and quit, haha JK JK). Anyhow, it would be super awesome to have someone to talk to about all these little feelings I'm having, esp people who are going through the same things at the same time!! Thanks, guys!! Also, does RealSelf have an app?? Xoxox

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Hi there, I am also considering him but read mixed reviews on him. Did you go in for your surgery? I know it is after the fact but how is your nose now? Are you happy with the results. I have worked very hard and saved up money and this is my one shot at it. No place for revision. How was he and are you happy with your results?

Hi there,

This RealSelf member's surgery is scheduled for July 9th, so you might check in with her.  And here's a woman getting surgery on the 12th.

You can also refer to this calendar to see who is getting surgery what dates.

RealSelf does not have an app at this point, but we are working on creating an awesome mobile experience through the web.

Good luck on the 10th!