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What foods to avoid/eat after tummy tuck?

  • LadyFeathers
  • Manitoba
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies, I have seen several comments over the past few weeks about people saying they should I avoid certain foods or have some foods made the more bloated swollen than others. I am wondering if someone can please list for me what things I should be avoiding after having a tummy tuck and what foods I should be eating more of.  I am wondering if someone knows which foods will make my swelling worse?  Which will make it better? (Pineapple, blueberries?  

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This is some good info to know. I'm scheduled for Jan 16th, and sure need to know the dos and the dont's.
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stay away from gassy foods like broccoli and cabbage beans etc anything that gives you gas stay away from
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Stay away from foods high in sodium, processed foods and high sugar foods.  

Here is a list of my best food options:  Healthy Foods

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Thanks kimmers, I appreciate your feedback. I had heard that certain foods like pineapple and blueberries can speed healing... Have you heard this too?
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Oh yes!!  The antioxidants in both do help with healing.  Use caution with the juices though.  Depending on the brand they can be high in sugar.

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