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Folds at each end of my incision.

  • Foliebergere
  • Tummy Tuck land
  • 3 years ago

I'm 12 days post op of a TT, hip lipo and tightening of the abs. I had no pain so far, I drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, high fiber, high protein and low salt diet. I think I have swelling because I have these folds at each end of my incision which worries me. I hope these will go away with time and flatten out. I hope they are not dog ears. I also have a bump above my belly button... I think it is fluid. What do you think? Foliebergere

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Thanks for the info. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he took out 40ml of fluid above my belly button. The swelling is going down and he says we will see in 6 months re: dog ears. He said it wasn't a big issue, he could correct it easily in the office.



At 12 days post op it is a bit hard to make any decisions yet.   You have swelling and some fluid retention right now.  Everything needs time to settle in and take shape. 

Give it some time and don't get frustrated..