Finally on the flat side

  • Justyoume
  • Waldorf, MD
  • 6 months ago

Had my TT yesterday and I must say it hurts like hell. I had a ok sleep and my doctor gave me OxyContin which really doesn't work.After  arriving home I suffered with severe nausea and my doctor called me in some suppositories for nausea which I had never heard of but it work. Thank got for my hubby and mom whom has been waiting on me making sure I had everything. So this morning I don't have an appetite just gotta a lot of pain from my upper ribs which I'm assuming is from the muscle repair. I guess everyday it will get better, I almost felt like I had made a big mistake but I know the reward will be a flat stomach. Oh these drains burn so you have to be very careful when moving around.

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Glad your on the flat side!
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Your drains burn too? Is it like it's cutting your skin or on fire?
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