Feeling guilt??

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  • 1 year ago

So I am almost 2 weeks away from the big day, and I'm feeling guilty. Is this normal? I keep asking myself am I doing something selfish here? Are my kids going to be mad that they have to stay at grandmas for a week and then when they come home I can't pick up my 2 year old and she is like attached to me. I'm getting sad thinking about it :( I have faith in modern medicine and know I'm going to wake up but there's that fear that something will go wrong and ill be leaving my 3 kids with no mom. Ugh! Do these fears ever go away and can someone help me on how to alleviate them?

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I figure its a common thought pre surgery. I told myself when I booked my surgery I am at leave with the thought of going under and now 2 weeks away the what ifs start creeping into my head. I feel safe at the hospital I will be at, I feel confident with my surgeon and confident that anesthesia is safer these days then they have ever been. I assume I'll have mixed thoughts all the way up to the day of my surgery, but I'm hoping the good thoughts will out weigh the bad ones the closer it gets.
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I hope so, too! Try to keep in mind how much you deserve this. Mom is important, too! :)

Thank you :)

Yes, I read similar things from so many other ladies on this journey! Check out JenBob's post here. She discusses her experience with a humorous touch and hits the topic of guilt as well.

Remember how much you give others and that this is something for you!

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