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Is looking for feedback Re: what is recovery like when there is no muscle repair performed

  • BeyondBusyMomma
  • Alabama
  • 3 years ago

I am in the consultation process for my long awaited TT. My first consult went as I had hoped, I do NOT need any muscle repair performed. It sounds like this is not the case for most people. I am curious to hear of any firsthand experience for this type of recovery. Thanks!

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The doctor I chose did the same thing, the other two didn't though. Hmmm...

Oh I hope I don't need the MR! I can see my upper ab defition and my obliques as well.

I'm going to get busy making my arrangements for the kids either way. It'd probably be best to take the extra time even without the MR and let myself heal.

Thank you for your feedback!
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I had two other consults since I posted the above. One of those two Dr.s literally spent FIVE minutes with me, showed me no pictures of his work. It was a total joke and waste of my time. The last consult was very informative and thorough, but he recommended an extended tummy tuck with muscle tightening. Which only got me wondering if I don't get the tightening will I regret it. But like you I don't want to get it done if its not absolutely necessary.
I have decided to use the surgeon from consult #1. He also performed my breast augmentation in 2006. I trust him and am very comfortable with him. I called his office today with a few questions/concerns about proceeding without the tightening although I desperately want to avoid it. He returned my call within a few hours and reviewed with me what we had discussed and told me that he did really feel like my issue was excess skin and some belly fat. He was the only surgeon that actually had me tighten my abdominal muscles, not just grab the floppy skin. But he also assured me that if we get into surgery and he determines that I do need tightening, he will do it. So - fingers crossed - I'm avoiding the muscle repair, but I also have peace of mind that it will be done if truly necessary.
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That doctor sounds the most sensible. If your muscles aren't in need of repair, then it doesn't help to have them tightened. My muscles were great and I have nice looking abs already -- even under the swelling. I am glad this doctor checked for you. My doctor have to a sit up to check and poked around and said they were fine.

I am warning you too, from what I have heard of the recuperation from MR, if you are on your own with three little kids full time after two weeks, it's going to be very hard on you all!!

Good luck -- hope you get this figured out.
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I had a TT without MR two weeks ago. My goal was mostly to have a vertical scar removed, but some stubborn belly fat went with it. Since my muscles weren't separated, there was no point to having a MR. I work out and will continue to do so and my abs look (under all the swelling!) pretty great without the belly fat.

From what I understand, it is a MUCH easier recovery without the MR. I have had very little hunching and very little pain. Mostly discomfort and swelling and more discomfort, but nothing like what I read some of the MR ladies have.
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Has your recovery continued to be fairly easy?

How long do you expect to be on limited activity? My husband works offshore and will be home to help me for 2 full weeks post-op, but then he'll leave again for 5 weeks. We have 3 kids, ages 2,4,11. The little ones require the most from me and I am having a hard time mentally preparing for what to expect when my husband does have to go back to work. :-/
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I am 4 weeks out now and have been cleared to return to my exercise program, but he told me to phase it in over two weeks. I feel pretty good, but am still in some pain at night -- mostly because of swelling. The binder makes me feel like a sausage by the end of the day.

I am going to be honest with you -- I would have been hard put to take care of three little kids by week 3. Partly I am sure that's because I am older than you, but partly it's because this surgery is a tough one, even without the MR. The more active you are, the more fluid can accumulate in your belly. I developed a seroma that had to be drained twice (this isn't dangerous or painful, by any means, but it's not a lot of fun, either) so I decided to lay low and not try to push it for the first four weeks.

If I'd had to get back to normal sooner, I could have, but I'd have been exhausted each evening and my healing would have been slower.

I am not sure what to tell you. While age is a factor, I am in great shape so I can't chalk it up to that. I think this is a rough surgery. You could probably go back to taking care of the kids during the day after two weeks if you got a break in the evenings, but with your husband away from home you will be on call 24/7 and that is going to be hard to do. Can you get anyone else in to give you some help?
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Thank you for sharing with me. It seems like a TT w/o MR isn't very common. If I could wait till June, I would have my husband home for 2 months. But of course I want to get as much of the recovery behind me before summer gets here.

My young ones go to preschool from 9-2, three days a week. I probably could put them in 5 days and make a strong effort to lay real low for awhile. I'm sure I could also have my sitter come help out a little bit and Nana too. This might be a good time to bite the bullet and go ahead and hire a cleaning service. I've been talking about doing it for awhile anyway!

I definetly have some arrangements to make in preparation for this. :-O
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I am wondering the same... I have several consults coming up and I am really conflicted on the muscle repair issue. I have read several different views from PS on this website.. some saying why bother getting a TT without it.. and some saying that if you have good muscle tone it isnt necessary. I don't want to spend all that money and get so so results, but I also don't want to do it if I don't 'have to'. I went to a consult 2 years ago and the Dr. said I had "good muscles" however, I wasnt educated enough on TT at the time to ask about the plication issue.
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