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Family vacation planned 4 1/2 weeks post tummy tuck?

  • NorCalMomof3
  • San Francisco
  • 2 years ago

We have such a busy schedule with 3 kids and trying to get one of our mother's to help out and the only time I could schedule my surgery is just 4 1/2 weeks before we go on a family vacation to the beach.  My PS says I should be fine but I'm concerned.  Of course, I'm also nervous about getting the procedure anyway.  I'll have full time help for 2 weeks post op and part time help after that. Am I crazy?

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Oh Girl, you should be fine. I am only 3 weeks PO with tons of lipo and muscle repair. I am wearing a bikini and all my old clothes are to small. You will be tired easily, and standing for to long will begin to hurt your back. If you are somewhere sitting and relaxing, you will be fine. Make sure to but that binder and or garment back on when your fully dressed, that will keep the swelling down. Oh, and don't forget to eat healthy, non salty food. HAVE FUN !!!
I guess it depends on the type of vacation you're taking, and how much activity is involved! It also depends on the extent of themuscle repair you have. If you're going somewhere you can just chill and will have plenty of help with the kiddos, you'll be ok... but I was still fatigued quite easily at that point, and the swelling is also something to think about!
Thanks! I'm ok with no bikini since it's just my family. I just didn't want to have to cancel the trip that my husband and kids are so excited about.
I think it will be fine. Be prepared to be swollen though- i wasn't ready for a bikini at 4 weeks and still aren't and i'm 8 weeks post op!! (but that's mainly because of my belly button!