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Anyone have experience with ultrasound to loosen up tight feelings post-facelift?

  • SallieSu2
  • NY
  • 2 years ago

My plastic surgeon doesn't recommend it but I see some doctors on this site do. I'd be interested in hearing any actual experiences with ultrasound for tightness, either good or bad. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much SallieSu2. It was great to find this forum and realize that I'm not alone!!! I went into this thinking I'd take a week or so off work and be good as new .....NOT!!! I surely didn't realize just what I signed up for. I really regret it and to think I paid that much to feel and look this bad - it's very disheartening. Everyone says it just takes time so I'm hoping that it will start to get better every day. I think I will wait until my 3rd month and see how I am doing. If I'm not doing any better I, too, will go for a 2nd opinion like you.
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So true. My surgeon assured me that almost everyone in his 22 years of doing facelifts is completely recovered by 2 months. HA! I regret it every day but I'm trying to stay positive and look at it as just another learning experience. It does get a bit better as time goes on but even at 4.5 months I feel like maybe I'm only half way there. Hopefully it will be faster for you -- there is a tremendous amount of variability from person to person. All the best!
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Hi Martinsburg, so sorry to hear about your discomfort. I'm at 4.5 months after a mini-lift. In general my recovery has been miserable but at this point my tightness is intermittent and is mostly around ears, sometimes upper neck & jaw. Motion was never affected. You may want to try a certified neuromuscular massage therapist. I've started going to one a couple of weeks ago -- it seems to help some. Also if you're not happy with the response from your surgeon, get a second opinion. I did around the 3rd month mark because, even though my surgeon is great, it never hurts to get a second opinion (only downside is it cost $250) My second opinion was from a female surgeon who had had a facelift herself. She says healing takes a good year or more and that the tightness & discomfort is normal. I can't believe how incredibly rough this whole experience has been and how all this misery can be considered "normal" but apparently it is. At any rate, I hope you feel better very soon.
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SallieSu2, I,too, have EXTREME tightness...almost unbearable really. I had my surgery 2 months ago and still have very limited motion in turning my head from side to side. My PS just shrugs it off and says it is normal. I'm beginning to think something is wrong and that it is NOT normal. It almost feels like my muscle is tearing if I turn too far to the side. Is your tightness like this?
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