Does anyone else send themselves crazy worrying?

  • cariad
  • 1 year ago

Is it normal to be worrying about every little detail during the first few days post surgery? I don't actually have any problems but I am anxious about everything! Aside from a bit of heat and minimal bruising/redness/discomfort ( I have no fever/leakage/odour), everything seems to be really good. Can't wait to see my PS on Monday which will be 7 days post op. I haven't seen the incisions yet so I guess the anxiety stems from that. The scars appearance doesn't bother me just so long as they are healthy! Things are going well, but I think staying at home all day on my lonesome ownsome obsessing on the internet is making my imagination go into overdrive. I've thought up until now that I was pretty laid back! Thanks. 

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Hi Cariad, Relax. Your worries are normal. Anyone sat in alone would worry and focus too much on the op etc. If you have no fever, leakage or (mal) odour all should be well. Do something nice for yourself for being brave enough to do this for you! Watch a film, listen to music, sleep and rest. Ring your friends or write letters to people/write Christmas cards? All will be well. Being alone whether it's post op or not has our minds in overdrive.... be kind to yourself and rest rest rest!! x x
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