What Are Some Drugs/herbs/creams That Can Thin out Extremely Thick/coarse Skin?

  • Arya_Agung
  • 1 year ago

my skin has become very thick. Some of it is fluid retention, some extra fat, some of it is loose connective tissue but I think the epidermis has also thickened because my pigment has changed. Any advice on thinning out such think/coarseskin?

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Hello. For thick coarse skin, I rediscovered a now, OTC drugstore lotion/cream called AmLactin (trademark). It's an alpha hydroxy formulation of 12% lactic acid and ammonium hydroxide, which makes for a pH of about 4.0-5.0. (Being an alpha hydroxy it may cause irritation, like anything else, and you should use a sunscreen.) About 25 years ago, my then derm prescribed it for me while I was using Retin A for mild acne. My face had developed some nasty dry patches. It worked (although I had to eventually forego the Retin A as I was too sensitive to it). Anyway, I spotted it a few years ago on the store shelf near the pharmacy. It was less than $20. Much cheaper than high-end department store facial acids (glycolic, etc.) and it is phenomenal! Besides facially thickened areas, I use it on an area I thought I'd never soften--my ankle skin, which was so rough that I was trying to file it off with all sorts of handheld exfoliators-- which hurt! I now have baby soft ankles. No fragrances in this, which can be bad for skin. Personally, I found Retin A drying in itself. And AmLactin was my derm's cure for the patches of true roughness. By the way, Lactic acid is a milk derived acid, so it's nothing "weird" but, instead generally natural. Good stuff. I just noticed my bottle expired 6 months ago, but it's still doing well by me! Oh. It does sting for a few seconds upon application. Very mild and certainly bearable for a few seconds.
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I'm not sure about thinning the skin, but since you mentioned coarse skin you might be interested in checking out these communities to see what people say about the way the treatments affected their skin:

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If you decide to try a treatment please let us know how it goes for you. We'd love to hear!

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