Is anyone Dr.Joel Beck's patient for a TT, BA with BL or both in a mommy makeover?

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  • 2 years ago

Hi, please let me know if anyone had a good or bad experience with Dr.Joel Beck. Reviews on yelp don't help.   I'm looking to find out surgical results from him on TT, BA with BL, good or bad...especially if there were bad ones. Mostly for me to assess if I can consider him as my PS. I had one consult. Also, please let me know any others in the bay area that you highly recommend for the mommy makeover procedure.

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I am Dr. Beck's patient and I'm happy with the result. The surgery went better than I expected. I went in with terrible thoughts of agonizing pain. Needless to say, that didn't happen. If you take your pain Meds the first two weeks as instructed, you will have no pain. I was off pain Meds by week four. I just use my binder daily to help with the tightness and swelling. I have my before and after post on the site. I'm a single parent with 7 children, 50 yrs old and I look fantastic. See for yourself. My surgery was done on Feb 21, 2014 and I'm as good as new. He is good and true to his word.
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hi, have you gotten the procedure done? did you end up going with dr joel beck? how was your experience?
no recommendations on tt. for ba & bl, leonard gray in sf.
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Hi there,

I know you're looking for first hand feedback on Dr. Beck (his profile can be found here, though he doesn't seem active on RealSelf), but you might want to check out this tummy tuck webinar (the first section of which is done by Dr. Elizabeth Lee from the Bay Area). Make sure you go on at least 3 consultations to find the surgeon who is right for you.

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