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Drains.....what do you wear, how do you dress?

  • mynewstart 314
  • 3 years ago

TT sched for March 14. I could not sleep last night tossing and turning, thinking of details. How long do drains typically stay in?

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Whoa! What a story Kimmers! You are a brave woman! That lady will never forget that day! Lol :)
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No she certainly will not :)   What an adventure that was.  I did not go back into that store for months. 
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Stuff things where they will fit - just like I did with my belly before the TT! :D

I had my drain for 10 days also. I never left the house except 1 doc visit, to which I just wore my jammies, so no problem. :)
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My first drain came out on day 2 post op and the second on day 9. 

I wore capri work out pants and zip up hoodies for the first 6 weeks.  I pinned the drains to the band of my bra and tucked everything under the hoodie.  You will get creative and it will all work out fine.

You basically just stuff the things where ever they fit. 
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lol! "stuff things where they will fit" :) Zip up hoodie...good idea also
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Not so sexy I know, but functional. 

When I was a week out I had my friend take me to a local store (won't say which) to get a few things.  Well I had the zip hoodie on with the drain underneath.  Well it had this bulky bulge in the front and you could clearly see something was under the shirt.

When I was shopping a manager at the store came up to me and asked what was under my shirt.  They thought I was shoplifting.  Seriously!!!  

I explained that I had just had surgery the week prior and that I had a drain under the shirt.  She looked at me like I was a creepy homeless person.  Granted I looked pretty rough and was hopped up on Vicodin at the time.  I suppose I looked like a junkie...I don't know. 

I was horrified and had to go into a private office with a female worker and show her what was under my sweat shirt.   I thought she was going to die when she realized what it was.  Idiots.....serves them right. 
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Ha! I saw your post and had to tell you about my night out last night. I had my drain pinned to the top of my pants and had stuffed the drain inside my nike hoodie. I kept noticing the man across from us looking over at me and as I looked down I saw the hose from the drain had fallen out and was hanging about 3 inches below my chair. I'm sure the poor dude lost his appetitie!
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That is just hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing your story. LOL!!
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Oh my gosh! Another brave girl! Thanks for
  • Reply I would have loved to have seen his face - Priceless!

Now that is funny!  You should have started bleeding the drains in front of him.
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wow what an awsome story, days you will never forget, nor the security officer lol
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That is for sure!!  It is not every day you go to work and have some drug induced woman pull her pants down and shirt up.  LOL   I thought she was going to faint when she got a look at the incision and drains.
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i plan on wearing loose cute spaggetti strap dresses, and big girl panties. You can pin the drains to your binder. and should be able to pee very easily
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Oooh....thank you Mels! I just went to a thrift store and bought a couple loose stretchy yoga pants a size or 2 bigger than normal for comfort. Only 4 bucks each.
I did not think about loose sun dresses...excellent idea! Thanks :)
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I saw your post about "big girl panties" and had to comment. I went out and bought big mama panties before my tummy tuck too! Funny thing is that with the binder garment really don't need panties at all. So, I have not had on a pair in 4 weeks!
I am wearing a binder that comes up to my ribs and goes down to my knees. It conveniently has an opening at the crotch for going to the restroom.
So, depending on whether you are doing any lipo..and what garment they want you to wear...might not need the panties at all!
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Depends on your dr. I had mine in for 10 days. I wore loose clothing, sweat pants, pajama bottoms and pinned my drain to the elastic of my pants.

You probably won't be leaving the house too much on those days so its not a huge deal what you wear, just as long as you are comfortable!

Good luck!
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Thanks for your advice!
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