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Drains day 5 output is red from 1?

  • Nicole7105
  • Houston
  • 3 years ago

I am 5 days post opp and have 2 drains directly above my monds The right one looks normal with clear/pink fluid discharge but the left is discharging red and the skin is scabby and bleeding slightly where the tube enters the skin. The left has appeared more scabbed than the right since my procedure. No weird smells pain or sign of infection but it's like the tube isn't anchored and it's sliding in and out a bit. Any body experience anything like this? Waiting for the dr to call me back now.

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I had the red drainage from one of my tubes. It was a darker red but liquid. My PS told me it was not a problem and it turned out it wasn't because the tubes have been out for 11 days now and I am healing very well. I do understand that the blood in the bulb should be liquid as clotted blood indicates fresh bleeding. That is what PS says anyway.
If your tube is no longer stitched in place then the movement may be causing irritation which may cause a bit of bleeding. Keep the area and the tube where it is close to your body very clean. Warm compresses may help. I will be interested to know what your PS says about this.