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Just got my drains out....

  • foxybrown
  • 3 years ago

Did anyone use polysporin after getting drains out? How soon can you wear high heels?

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lol! I rock flippys all the time too...they are the most comfortable, but on the ODD occasion that I feel like being a lil bit sexy, I rock my wedges...(not brave enough to try regular heels yet)
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Drain free and wedges---yay you! I am 5 weeks PO and have been rocking my flip flops. lol
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The wedges were ok. I don't think I will attempt skinny heels for a while, but I am only 3 weeks post op, and doing ok with the heels...

Bethak, why was it not well done? What were you dissatisfied with? Just curious...
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Isn't it worth it? I had last summer. it wasn't done very well but still i look much better. I had lot of problems afterwards too but will redo in a heartbeat.
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Hurray!  Another drain free lady.  That is worth celebrating:)

I did not use anything on the drain holes after they were removed.  They closed up within a day by just keeping them clean and dry. 

High heels....whoa I waited for 8 weeks but only because my back hurt and I was so swollen.  I wasn't feeling so sexy for a while and the thought of wearing heels was not even on my mind. 

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Amen to the high heels comment!!! I am about 7 weeks post op today, and had to wear flats to an occasion because I didn't dare wear heel yet...I a fan of the 4-5 inch I think I'll wait at least another month...