I am considering Dr. Steven Denenberg for revision rhinoplasty - Do you have any experience with him?

  • Rolzaa
  • Beirut, LB
  • 3 months ago

Hello Everyone,I am heavily considering Dr. Denenberg for a revision rhinoplasty at the end of this month. I would appreciate any of you who has had previous experience with him to tell me how it went. As far as I am concerned he has been a great doctor (pre-surgery) very reachable through e-mail and clearly replies to my concerns and has understood exactly what I want & has advised me honestly (I think) on what he thinks is possible and what isn't. I am just interested in hearing previous patients' testimonials as a final determining factor. I am so nervous about making this decision because I have had a very depressing year due to a bad rhinoplasty and now that a year has passed and I can get my revision I can't even find who this "best revision doctor in the world" is. There are so many certified "best doctors" that have majorly messed people up - this is a very scary place to be, the uncertainty that your face will never look normal to you again :( I wish everyone of you who is in the same situation as me to figure it out without years of stress & depression - And for those of you who pulled out of it well and happy please share, with pics, your experience & who that miracle surgeon is!Any help, information or recommendations are welcome! I have attached a collage showing you my before and after and what I hate about my result :(