Dr. Kolb Still Uses Silicone?

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  • California, CA
  • 1 year ago

This is not a negative review by any means, I have read this women's book, and think she does wonderful work. I'm just confused :) I called her office to talk about removal options, because, well they are "removal" specialist. But when I asked if she still uses silicone in her practice I was told that she does?!! Huh? I undertand saline, because Susan has said that she has saline implants herself, I was just really confused by the fact that after all of the literature and lectures she still implants women with silicone implants? Not trying to take her to task, again, I mean she's the MD, not me. I was just surprised, because it doesn't make total sense. If anyone could clear this up for me, it would be greatly appreciate. :)

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I rarely use silicone but sometimes in a reconstruction patient with thin chest wall tissue, silicone is preferred. Sientra smooth silicone is the safest in my opinion.
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I rarely use silicone implants but sometimes do with thin walled reconstruction patients. Sientra is the safest one (I prefer no texturing).
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