Has anyone been to Dr. Gary Motykie in Beverly Hills for a rhinoplasty?

  • Keekster
  • Torrance
  • 3 years ago

Has anyone been to him and what is the price range for his rhinoplasty? What did you think of him? Would you recommend him? Thanks guys!

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i recently has a revision rhinoplasty done with Dr. Motykie, it's been 3 months since i had it done. I'm not really happy with the result. I was told that it's still swollen and that i need about 6-7 months to heal. keeping my fingers crossed.
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Dr. Motykie ruined my body for life with bad liposuction and a failed breast lift in which most likely was the cause of my capsular contracture. Although, I would not send my worst enemy in to have surgery with this man, he is known for doing a decent job with rhinoplasty. Yes, I have seen his rhinoplasty first hand. I personally would not risk it though because of all his other botched surgeries.
thank you for sharing lisa, so sorry about your procedure. Didn't know he had a bad reputation :(
Hi Monica, how are you feeling now about the results? Was your primary done with him as well? I am going in for a revision after he did my primary 9 months ago...
Hi henlei, i'm healing very well. I can't really say my nose is what i expected, not in love with it. I can judge after a couple of months. My primary was done more than 3 years ago by another dr. But i'm so surprised your doing a revision with him after your primary, may I ask why? and isn't 9 months too soon?
If anyone else has had a revision with Dr. Motykie I would really love to hear about as I am considering him for mine. Thanks!
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Yes I had secondary rhinoplasty I did my dual diligence in research & went to many consultations, Dr. Motykie was not only knowledgable he was genuinely caring, very satisfied.
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I would love to hear more!
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I would love to hear the details as I am/was considering him for revision rhinoplasty!
You could send me a private message.
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hi @keekster

I noted that a person posted about 2 experiences at this doctor's office: Dr. Gary Motykie Reviews

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