Could Dr Anil Shah Patients please please come forward. Put us researchers out our misery please

  • charlie78
  • scotland
  • 2 years ago

I have read on this forum from around 2009 about shah. Searching his name from around page 38-46 that Shahs positive posts are fake. Has this been proven false? He so is the guy i want to chose. I am skypeing with him Wed coming. I have placed all my hopes on this man. Hoping i can have a new life, hoping i can be who i used to be,hoping i can get my confidence back and hoping i can be happy again and appear in pictures finally with my children. I can't take another false, fake, scammer. I just can't mentally take it. It will so put me over the edge. I am just a shadow of the person i used to be. I am a state. So depressed. I need a real genuine Dr that can improve my nose. I don't need perfection just normality!! So please, please please there are so many positive reviews. Someone please find it in themselves to share something with me. Put me and 1000s of others out our misery and help us on our researching. I will help and share anything you guys asked, while keeping my privacy, as long as i can help you. I notice people were writing positive reviews then they deleted them. Why was this? Please someone give me something cause all i have at the moment is hear say. And i can't base my life on hear say. I need proof and lots of it. So please help. If you want to PM due to privacy then feel free. I won't give your names etc as you wish. Just as long as you offer some help. Thanks so much xx