Smart Lipo: Don't Do It!

  • l.55540
  • 2 years ago

Do not get Smart Lipo!  I went to Finesse Laser in Waltham, Massachusetts.  I can't necessarily say it was the doctors fault himself, but I can't say it wasn't either.  After getting this a few years ago, my stomach looks horrible and it will never be the same.  I can never wear a bikini and I feel very un-sexy in stomach-bearing lingerie.  The very small dot-scars are not the issue.  It's the uneven appearance in my skin that looks disgusting.  It's like I have lumps and indents in some spots, and it just looks abnormal!

Either the doctor was at fault, or I happen to have a body that does not heal properly after being jammed with a long tube over and over again.  For the $5,000+ that it costs (tears), it is not worth it!  Do not attempt this.  Go to every other avenue before you resort to Smart Lipo.  I beg you... count your calories and work out 30 minutes a day 3 days a week and it will be a much better result. 

I kick myself almost every single day for having wasted all that money, and to look at a lumpy, gross mess of a stomach. Please do not do this. It's not worth the risk. It is not worth it people!