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How do you determine what is a good tummy tuck?

  • sexysoulsister
  • Fishers, IN
  • 2 years ago

Hi Ladies, In my research of determining what is a good result, I've only recently come across reliable info in regards to what actually are the aesthetics ps try to achieve. The following links provide info in relation to the High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck...the technique I am currently interested in. After reading articles on this particular technique I find that I am better able to look for markers, signs, and subtleties  of a good tuck. The links are long and technical but I honestly feel they are a good general starting point for those searching like me.   Please note I am NOT recommending any of these surgeons or one technique over another. These links are to provide a stating point for determining ps and results for a good tuck. I asked this question before...not here...and no one could really explain what exactly is a good tuck, how it should move, or feel to the touch, why some are flat and others not so much....why is it that some results produce a more natural contour and even a six pack?    

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Yes I agree that our bodies are proportionally different from woman to woman but there are standards that every tuck should posse. A part of the board certification includes training, papers, aesthetics, etc within those guidelines. Satisfaction by the client is always good, but it really helps if the client has pre knowledge of standards.
For instance I've heard surgeons make comments about cosmetic procedures that leave women with a more masculine jawline when the ps didn't follow guidelines for a more feminine form.
As far as being flat ,during my research one ps said if your belly sticks out higher than your ribs when you lay on your back, you have too much belly fat.

I've also learned the ideal is not necessarily to be flat like a board but actually have some definition or curves leading into the navel and gently sloping out again.
There are also references to the hour glass shape.
One of the links shows a patient after a tuck flexing her tummy muscles in a rolling fashion shortly after a tuck.
You are correct there are no guarantees, but if I know how to analyze the ps photo/ work I hope to get better results.
I think the obvious answer is because every single body is different as is every single plastic surgeon. Sometimes flatness is affected by viseral fat, the fat around the organs that can not be touched during a tt.
I think a good tuck is one that leaves the patient satisfied. Docs probably haven't answered this question b/c there are no guarantees and everyone heals and responds differently. The same doc could do the exact same procedure on two different people and have very different results.

Thanks for posting all the info. I think it is great to have as much info as possible when researching and looking for a doc b/c results do very so much. Best wishes to you on your search. :)
I've posted the question with the doctors as well.